Short Circuit/Device Coordination Engineering Studies

Helping you manage the increasing complexities of maintaining a safe, reliable and efficient high voltage electrical system.

Every time you make a significant change to your electrical distribution system—an expansion, reconfiguration, additional load or upgrade—you challenge its reliability. UIS’s Short Circuit/Device Coordination studies can help you manage the increasing complexities of maintaining a safe, reliable, and efficient electrical distribution system.

The UIS study will determine the magnitude of currents flowing throughout the power system at various time intervals after a fault occurs and evaluate the size and settings of a system’s protective devices, such as; relays, fuses, circuit breakers, and the circuits they protect.

The goal is to provide power transformers, switchgear, substations, motor control centers, panel boards, and other electrical equipment with the required protection. The study also assists with selecting appropriate types, ampere ratings, and device settings to ensure minimum service interruption under overload and short circuit conditions and to ensure the protective device closest to the overload or short-circuit condition is the one that operates in order to isolate the failure as quickly as possible.

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