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Electrical Safety & Troubleshooting Training

Identify and mitigate electrical hazards in the work place.

This course covers the application of the NFPA 70 E 2017 Standard and how it is used to identify and mitigate electrical hazards in the work place.

Overview of Electrical System

This will be a presentation to help attendees read one line electrical drawings and understand how the components all work together. This will include, but is not limited to, the main utility feed all the way through to instruments and panels that actually control and monitor the process. In addition, one line components will be shown as real world pictures.

For each item below, the presenter will cover the purpose, typical control logic, safety related concerns, life span, and recommended maintenance and frequency:
  • Primary Switch
  • Transformers
  • Switchgear – Circuit breakers, instrument transformers, metering, and bus work
  • Motor Control Centers, Motors and Switchboards
  • Control Panels and Accessories
  • Instrumentation

Summary of Electrical Maintenance Routine

This will cover AINSI Standards and Best Practices for meeting DEQ requirements in an electrical system. Electrical Maintenance frequency charts will be provided and reviewed.

Safety – NFPA 70E Awareness, Lock Out / Tag Out & Confined Space

This will be cover NFPA70E electrical workplace safety, OSHA standards, and MIOSHA standards. The instructor will cover Lock Out / Tag Out, confined space entry, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), arc flash and shock hazard boundaries as well as other safe electrical work practices.

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UIS Training: Safe Electrical Troubleshooting
A course recap for troubleshooting devices. From understanding tothe main utility feed to the control pane power components.

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