Hi Pot, VLF, Tan Delta & Partial Discharge Cable Testing

Helping facilities raise the life expectancy of cables.

Despite the fact that today’s cables are highly developed, they will eventually fail and hence must be part of an Asset Management Program including routine maintenance. When a proper maintenance program is in place, cable problems are minimized. As a full member of the InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA), UIS provides a wide array of cable testing services for our customers that meet NETA / ANSI, and IEEE standards. Our test equipment is calibrated annually and traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

UIS Site Visit

The UIS site visit includes a comprehensive review of an up-to-date electrical single line diagram and a physical check of your cable systems including splices and terminations. The actual characteristics and cable tests are monitored and recorded in accordance with the test plan. Once all the measurements have been taken, offsite data analysis is performed to correlate measurements to the single-line drawing and analyze actual cable test signatures.

Report of Findings

Upon completion of the site visit, data collection, and analysis, we will provide a written engineering report containing detailed information about the test results, the condition of your cable and accessories, recommendations for prioritizing replacement or corrective actions, and a proposed follow-up testing schedule.

We are Cable Testing Experts

If you are not confident with past tests, send us your reports. Our Senior Cable Tester, a nationally recognized cable tester, will review the reports and provide a second opinion.

Test Equipment

UIS uses the newest and best test equipment on the market today, such as the new HVA28-TD. This is a combination VLF & Tan Delta tester, made by HV-Diagnostics, the leader in cable testing technologies.

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